Thursday, January 17, 2013

Savanna Nightjar student

Monday 14th January,  the unmistakable call of a Savanna Nightjar started to resound from the roof of the University of Phnom Penh. It was dusk but I could see a male (white wing patch and tail corner) perched on a pole and uttering its call, sometimes answered by another bird in the backgarden trees.

There used to be a regular family roosting at the National Library, and hunting in central PP since the 1990's at least. So I wonder if this is another pair/group, ot if they have relocated to the outskirts...


Monday, January 14, 2013

Confus(c)ion Spot-billed Ducks

Originally posted as "Chinese Spot-billed Ducks in Boeung Prek Lapouv"

Darn! These ducks can be difficult to determine!

Having gone to the Boeung Prek Lapouv wetland in Takeo province for a combined Black-faced Spoonbill and Asian Waterfowl Census, our group encountered several groups of Spot-billed Ducks. Close views, clear enough photographs (below) and dutiful consultation of the field guide led us to consider that these must be Chinese Spot-billed Ducks, as they lacked a red loral spot and had dark blue secondaries. However, it appears it is the moustachial stripe that distinguishes Chinese from Indian Spot-billed Ducks! Thanks James, for pointing this out. So, hopefully a lesson learnt for not only us, but others as well. The pictures below are Indian Spot-billed Ducks of the race haringtoni. See the closest match on Oriental Bird Images by using the following link

Also a group of 12 Long-toed Stints were seen and photographed
Participants: John Kennedy, Vanna, Sitha and Chea (BPL rangers), Robert van Zalinge