Saturday, October 26, 2013

Grass Owl!


This morning Sarah and I were taking the dog for a walk at Preh Ksach (the site where we discvered the tailorbird). We flushed a Grass Owl from just off the path. It had been sitting on the ground on a dead rat, I saw it briefly on the ground as it hesitated before taking flight. As it flew off the gold and bronze plumage and long gangly legs with toes projecting well beyond the tail were obvious.

This made me very happy since I had left Hanoi just six months prior to Sebastian's discovery of a multitude of Grass Owls virtually in Hanoi itself. There are very few records of Grass Owl from Cambodia.

Simon Mahood

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  1. Dear Simon,

    I hope you are well?

    Could you let me know where exactly Preh Sach is? I would like to look for the Tailorbird.

    Best regards,