Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kampong Thom's House Sparrows

We were forced to stay a night at the Arun Ras Hotel in Kampong Thom. On waking found the tree opposite my room full of house sparrows and the occasional plain-backed. There must have been between 500-1,000 in this tree. At dawn they started flying off in groups, most towards the floodplain. It must be a lot safer for them to roost in the middle of town than out in the floodplain, or there is just a lack of nice tall trees where they can sit together in the hundreds.

RvZ, 11 September 2015


  1. Amazing numbers, when you think that 20 years ago, there were none in the country. That is what we could call a population explosion!

  2. That's right and they are seen pretty much in all provinces these days