Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary in the wet season

I spent two weeks around various parts of Kulen Promtep. This was for my research, with very little opportunity for birding, but had some chances to observe birds in a type of habitat I rarely visit (deciduous forest). The forest is very wet and green at this time of year. All birds seen were resident species, with the possible exception of one (see below).

Best place to start is with the woodpeckers! Species seen included:
1) Grey-capped Pygmy
2) Rufous-bellied
3) Spot-breasted
4) Black-headed
5) Common Flameback
6) Greater Flameback
7) Rufous
8) Great Slaty

Other deciduous forest species:
- Giant Ibis (along trail to Veal Bromet)
- Indian Spotted Eagle (Veal Bromet)
- Rufous-winged Buzzard
- White-browed Fantail
- Brown Prinia

Other large waterbirds:
- Lesser Adjutant (seen almost daily, sometimes soaring in small groups)
- Sarus Crane

Other raptors:
- Oriental Honey Buzzard
- Crested Goshawk
- Chinese Goshawk (potentially: not minute, dark primary tips forming clear patches, flying due south)
- Crested Serpent Eaglesss


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