Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Bokor birding

Bokor, 27 February

A one day visit, but one which was extremely productive. What is the partridge trail is still not clear to me, but the trail we found last time resulted in several encounters with partridges on this day. One or two pairs were foraging near the trail. Also spent time in the early afternoon on the "exercise trail" which turned out to be well worth the time.

Trail starting in large clearing past waterfall:
- Chestnut-headed Partridges. Black on flanks is more prominent than illustrated.

Exercise trail:
- Silver Pheasant. Two males that seemed to be in a non-violent dispute. Following each other closely and making a variety of growls. One male seen raising crest. Four females following. All crossed the trail at a leisurely pace and seemed completely unconcerned by our presence.
- Blue Pitta. Several responses. One seen.
- White's/Scaly Thrush. A very big thrush! Palish head. Large, but scattered, black markings below.
- Orange-headed Thrush. At same location (near the log stack/prescribed log lifting exercise!).
- Streaked Wren Babblers

In the clearing:
- Black Eagle. Yellow bill and legs, barring visible in tail. Hunting low over forest.

No hornbills seen this time round. Several forest fires could be seen at lower elevation from Kampot on both 26th and 27th.

Robert van Zalinge with John Kennedy.

We also met John Bowler and walked the clearing trail together in the morning. He then continued walking this trail until around 2 p.m. and when we met later he reported having seen mostly the same species as we did.

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