Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Koh (Ach) Seh, near Kep

Spent 24-28 February at Koh Seh (Horse Island), off the coast of Kep and just past Koh Tonsai (Rabbit Island). Apparently there are two Koh Sehs in Cambodia, and the official name of the one I visited is actually Koh Ach Seh which apparently means Horse Shit Island. It's a small island and is where the NGO Marine Conservation Cambodia is based. I recorded the following bird species there:

Collared Kingfisher
Greater Coucal
Blue-tailed Bee-Eater
[Germaine's] Swiftlet
Large-tailed Nightjar
Pied Fantail
Mangrove Whistler
Orange-headed Thrush
Asian Brown Flycatcher
Hainan Blue Flycatcher
Oriental Magpie Robin
Oriental White-Eye (I'm assuming Oriental because of range and also they had fairly yellow heads and backs, although they seemed to be lacking the yellow ventral stripe shown in Robson)
Yellow-vented Bulbul
Arctic Warbler

-Andrea Claassen

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