Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blue-winged Pitta in the city

Hot on the heals of last weeks House Sparrow, Phnom Penh out did itself this morning with a selection of unexpected colourful birds. Less than a minute after leaving my house on street 19 (at 05:45) a Blue-winged Pitta flew over the road! Unfortunately it pitched down behind the high palace walls, never to be seen again.

I continued to Wat Phnom where a flock of 11 Blossom-headed Parakeets were feeding high in a tree whilst a Little Green Bee-eater hawked insects from its perch 30 meters above the ground. Neither are birds I expected to see in the city center. To prove that it wasn't just a day for brightly coloured birds, four Brown Shrikes were also hanging about.

On my way back home I found another Little Green Bee-eater perched in a tree on street 240.


22nd September 2012

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