Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Phnom Kraom early February

Field full of Asian Openbills in front of Phnom Kraom

Painted Storks

Noticed a switch in the birds at Phnom Kraom at the start of this month. The Oriental Pratincoles have reappeared, and Asian Openbills have decided that this is the place to be. 480 of the latter were feeding on the introduced apple snails in the wet season rice paddies on 5th Feb, and 85 Painted Stork were counted on the 4th. And the waders are back, mostly due to the habitat becoming suitable I suspect. 16 species so far in February, including Temminck's Stint (3 on 3rd and 1 on 5th), up to 9 Long-toed Stint every visit, 9 Grey-headed Lapwing on 3rd, 10 Kentish Plover, 5-8 Marsh Sandpiper, around 80 Wood Sandpiper, 160 Black-winged Stilts and I managed to find a nesting Greater Painted Snipe.

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