Sunday, February 17, 2013

Soft opening of the PPBClub

This morning birding at Prek Ksach (Ly Yong Phat area), Senlim, Puthy, Buntha, Nigel, Thomas and I recorded a good 63 spp, a solid harvest for the soft opening of Senglim's Phnom Penh Bird Club.

Most notable were:
* a decent flock (15+) Small Pratincoles, quite sensitive, and probably gearing for nesting on a sandhill there
** an air-attack on the above by a Peregrine Falcon
*** a Kentish-like Plover which could turn out to be something else after Senglim sends his photos around
**** Blue-tailed Bee-eaters prospecting and digging nesting holes anywhere there was a decent artificial sandfill!!


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