Thursday, January 16, 2014

Assorted late autumn birding 2013

Assorted sites in and close to Phonm Penh late 2013

Shamefully, I (Simon Mahood) went birding and didn't blog about it. To rectify this tragic situation here are some photos of birds wot I sawed.

The first lot are a bunch of pictures of a female Stonechat at Prek Ksach. Probably because I wasn't forcing myself to count the birds I failed to really notice anything else on this occasion. However it was a beautiful fresh day, sunshine and bright colours, as the photos illustrate. Of course they aren't sharp, but they give a feel for just what a great day it was to be wandering around a construction site.

Most week-days Sarah and I take Zeke the dog down to Koh Pich, in Phnom Penh, so that he can swim in the Mekong and run in the sand before we go to work. This has resulted in remarkably few birds of note, although I once saw Chestnut-capped Babbler. There's usually a few Oriental Reed-warblers around, looking really big.

During the early winter I recorded a Blue Rock Thrush once and a Stonechat once, although prinias, like this Yellow-bellied, are the more usual fare.


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