Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some rock-thrushes, and a few others

I spent Christmas at Koh Tmei, near (in?) Ream National Park. Assorted avian Christmas presents included lots of imperial green pigeons, a white-throated rock-thrush on migration, showing off nicely on the forest floor, and a Van Hasselt's sunbird, a bird that has long eluded me. My father thinks he saw pied imperial pigeons but I suspect he saw some Oriental pied hornbills from the backside, and got confused...

I came back home to Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri and found a blue rock-thrush, philippensis race, hanging about on the eaves of the house and nearby power lines. It's a rock-thrushy time of the year. Have also recently had some sightings of big birds surprisingly close to town--a pair of red-billed blue magpies at the Nomad office just below the airstrip, and a rufous treepie on the road to the Bunong farms just above my house.

Good birding to all,
Lisa Arensen

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